Caronne Jewelery

Designer Caronne Gehrig is the owner and the creative head of the young and innovative company Caronne  Jewelry. The founding of the company goes back to the year 1991. Twice a year the company will create two silver and fashion jewelry collections, coordinated with the different seasons of the year, colors and materials and current trends
These jewelry pieces will be designed in Zurich, Switzerland. The jewelry is produced in Asia and Paris. Specially customized productions, refinements, and gold plating of our new designes are made in a spacious workshop. Caronne Jewelry is in direct contact with its customers and receives regular feedback. This will be presented to our customers with joy.
Caronne Gehrig leads and daily runs the successful Company independently, and is constantly expanding. The collections of Caronne Jewelry is enjoyed by men and women all around the world. As an innovative company, we have the flair for the newest trends and are always one step ahead. Beautiful does not have to be unaffordable. Our creations leave no desires unturned

Caronne Gehrig

Caronne Gehrig was born in Køge, Denmark, but grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. As the world is not too big, Caronne Gehrig decided in 1991 as a jewelry inspired designer to travel the world, which lead to the foundation of Caronne Jewelry. From Italy to Indonesia, till to the Caribbean. Due to her Swiss-Moroccan roots her jewelry has an oriental feel  but also a classic touch.